Permaculture Patashala Team

NarsannaNarsanna Koppula is a permaculture pioneer in India. His environmental-humanitarian work has been empowering rural communities for the past two and a half decades. He believes the forest is the future and he spreads his message through his non-profit organization “Aranya Agricultural Alternatives” presently operating in tribal areas in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Narsanna is a Permaculture Consultant, Designer & Teacher and a campaigner of permaculture practices all over the world. He received his Permaculture Certificate from Permaculture International Institute, Australia and is a post graduate from Osmania University. Dr.Venkat has been his mentor and Bill Mollison and Robyn Francis his teachers.

Narsanna was on the Board of the Permaculture Association of India and served for 12 years (1986 to 1998) as Director and General Secretary of Deccan Development Society, a premier NGO working on sustainable agriculture. He is a designer and professional guide in ‘efficient water use techniques in command irrigation’. He is actively engaged in implementing Tree Based Farming Systems (TBFS) and planting 100,000 fruit plants and 3 lakh mixed forest species on 1000 tribal families’ lands under Tribal Development Program. He is also a project elevator for various natural resource management projects and networking with several national and international organizations.

He is committed to ecological and sustainable agricultural livelihoods through permaculture farming practices to create a greener planet.


padmaPadma Koppula is the CEO of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives. For the past 20 years, she has been committed to working with rural farmers. Padma is an Institutional development expert, irrigation expert & Gender specialist. Her past services include advisory member for Andhra Pradesh Farmers Water Management Committees Association (FWMCA) ,Secretary for the Bodhi Education Society, Deccan Development Society coordinator , consultant to the Government of Andra Pradesh Irrigation projects. Padma is a promoter of   sustainable agriculture practices & permaculture.


IMG_8791Raya Cole is a Permaculture Consultant and teacher, who lives in California USA. She has been involved in Permaculture, organic farming and reforestation since 1998. Raya has an extensive advanced education in permaculture, having studied with the Bullock Brothers, Penny Livingston Stark, Robin Francis, David Holingren, Danen Doherty and completed ten weeks of internship and courses with Geoff Lawton. She was a mentor at a yearlong nature and permaculture program at the Regenerative Design Institute and taught nature and wilderness awareness skills at Four Elements Earth Education. Raya has studied extensively with Narsanna Koppula and is currently the Volunteer and Intern Coordinator for Aranya Agricultural Alternatives. She is teaching the Living Ecology Permaculture Internship with Narsanna. Raya also has an herbal medicine making business, Simply Being Botanicals, in which she grows and wild crafts the herbs to make medicine.  


Volunteers are needed but require a long term commitment to be useful.